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Apply to Enter Your Antique Car

Deadline to apply is the second Friday of May.

Antique cars will be grouped into three categories:

  • Pre-WWII, 1910 – 1941
  • Post-WWII, 1944 – 1960
  • Vietnam War 1961 – 1976

Please complete this application form to enter your antique car in the parade. Because of the large number of cars in the parade, the committee has chosen 1976 as the cut-off model year for antique or classic cars. Participation in the parade is solely at the discretion of the Radnor Memorial Day Parade Committee. If your application is accepted, you will be notified of staging logistics approximately 1 week prior to the parade.

Looking to March in the Parade?

Keep In Mind:

  • This is a non-commercial event- no advertisements please
  • Do not blow horns, sound sirens or throw candy
  • Please bring two approximately 8.5″ x 11″ signs of your car’s year, make and model to identify your car to observers

Antique Car

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Photo: Pete Bannan/Main Line Suburban Life